Statewide Gaming Wins Up For November And The Year

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A strong statewide gaming win in November, up 6.4% from last year, has helped the fiscal quarter winnings grow to $4,929,793,218. Much of this growth came from the Las Vegas Strip, which saw much higher winnings in November than it did last year: 10% more. The Boulder Strip has hit a slump, though its quarterly numbers are still about on par with last year’s, and Washoe County and South Lake Tahoe both saw considerable YoY growth: 9.5% and 10.5% respectively.

Our friends at Deutsche Bank have some additional information on the Strip, showing a huge bump in Baccarat revenue at +52.8%. Non-Baccarat tables showed slight growth, but the total table growth of +18.5% is almost all due to the French card game.

November LV Strip Revs: +10.0% y/y (DB+10.4%)

4Q18 to Date LV Strip Revs: +11.2% y/y

November LV Locals Revs: -1.1% y/y

4Q18 to Date LV Locals Revs: -0.2% y/y

November Reno Revs: +11.7% y/y

4Q18 to Date Reno Revs: +3.9% y/y

Strip Slots:

Slot Revs: +3.6%

Slot Handle: +8.2%

Slot Hold: -35 bps

Strip Baccarat:

Baccarat Revs: +52.8%

Baccarat Drop: +25.8%

Baccarat Hold: +215 bps (12.2% versus hold of 10.0% in November, 2017 and an LTM average of ~12.9%)

Strip Non-Baccarat Tables:

Non-Baccarat Table Revs: +3.7%

Non-Baccarat Table Drop: +2.2%

Non-Baccarat Table Hold: +20 bps

Strip Total Tables:

Total Table Revs: +18.5%

Total Table Drop: +10.6%

Total Table Hold: +85 bps

The state collected $58,375,520 in percentage fees for the month of November, which is an over 18% increase from last year; great sign for the industry.