November Nevada Gaming Win Up Over Last Year

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Nevada’s nonrestricted gaming licensees reported a total “gaming win” of $944.3 million for the month of November 2015, according to a release from the Gaming Control Board.

This amounts to a 7.76% increase compared to November 2014, when licensees reported a gaming win of $876.2 million. For the fiscal year (July 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015), gaming win has increased 0.75%.

The State collected $62,027,647 in percentage fees during the month of December 2015*, based upon the taxable revenues generated in November 2015.  This represents a 30.74% (or $14,584,983) increase compared to the prior year’s December, when percentage fee collections were $47,442,664.

On the Strip, gaming revenue jumped 5.38 percent to $535.6 million. Strip gaming revenue is down 1.2 percent for the year through November, though.

The numbers reflect just the second month of increases for the State and the Strip in the past six months.

Sports wagering was strong again in November. Revenue increased 32.1 percent to $42.8 million, and wagering hit a single-month record at $557 million.

Baccarat revenue of $109.9 million was down 14.3 percent from last November and the amount wagered was down 27.8 percent. Slot machine wagering was up, however, growing 13.2 percent to $596.4 million.


Local Numbers

Downtown Las Vegas gaming revenue was up 25 percent, North Las Vegas was up 23 percent, and the Boulder strip was up 21.5 percent.

Clark County as a whole saw gaming revenue increase 8.4 percent. Mesquite was the only Clark County market to report a gaming revenue dip in November.

Here is the table for the current period and fiscal year to date numbers for the counties and cities:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 5.09.14 PM