Nonpartisans Post Largest Voter Registration Gain in September

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Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske reports an increase of 3,880 active registered voters statewide during the month of September 2017, as compared to August 2017.  The total number of active registered voters in Nevada is 1,486,884, an increase of 0.26% from the prior month.

Democratic Party active registered voters increased statewide by 695 (0.12%) and Republican Party active registered voters increased statewide by 1,296 (0.26%).   Nonpartisan active registered voters increased by 1,856 registrations (0.59%), Independent American Party active registered voters increased by 162 (0.25%) and Libertarian Party of Nevada active registered voters increased by 83 (0.59%).  Active registered voters from a compilation of “other” minor political parties decreased by 212 (1.23%).

Of the 1,486,884 active registered voters in Nevada:

·    581,146 are Democrats (39.08%);

·    492,218 are Republicans (33.10%);

·    316,367 are Nonpartisan (21.28%);

·    65,869 are members of the Independent American Party (4.43%);

·    14,241 are members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (0.96%); and

·    17,043 are members of other minor political parties (1.15%).

The latest voter registration breakdown by county, party, age, and district can be found under the Election Center at or by clicking here.