Nevada Small Business Growth Hits Post-Recession High

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A new release from Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation looks at the health of the state’s small businesses – those with less than 100 employees. At nearly 625,000 jobs in the second quarter of this year, employment in these establishments has rebounded sharply from the recessionary low of 510,000 in early-2010.

Compared to a year ago, small business employment in Nevada during the April-June period is up by nearly 22,000, which translates into the strongest gain registered over the recovery period. Jobs have been trending at record highs for the past two years. All told, in establishing a new record-high, total employment is up 240,000 from its recessionary low in the Silver State.

Small business employment accounts for 53.4 percent of all private employment. This is consistent with trends evident since the recovery began, as small business’ job share has held in a fairly narrow range.