List Maintenance Reduces Active NV Voters in March

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Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske announced a net decrease of 63,107 active registered voters in Nevada during the month of March 2018.  Currently, the total number of statewide active registered voters is 1,415,009, a reduction of 4.27% compared to February 2018.  The reduction in active registered voters is attributed to regularly scheduled voter list maintenance as required by federal and state voting rights laws.

Democratic Party active registered voters decreased by 27,501 (4.82%), while Republican Party active registered voters decreased by 12,931 (2.60%).  Nonpartisan active registered voters decreased by 17,443 (5.52%), Independent American Party active registered voters decreased by 2,546 (3.89%), and Libertarian Party of Nevada active registered voters decreased by 569 (3.94%).  Active registered voters from a compilation of “other” minor political parties decreased by 2,117 (13.26%).

Of the 1,415,009 active registered voters in Nevada:

  • 542,582 are Democrats (38.34%);
  • 483,498 are Republicans (34.17%);
  • 298,288 are Nonpartisan (21.08%);
  • 62,906 are members of the Independent American Party (4.45%);
  • 13,887 are members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (0.98%); and
  • 13,848 are members of other minor political parties (0.98%).

The latest voter registration breakdown by county, party, age, and district can be found under the Election Center at or by clicking here.  In addition to PDF data tables, raw data files of the voter registration numbers are available for download online.