Las Vegas Casino Revenues Up Double Digits From Last January

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Our friends at Deutsche Bank have crunched the underlying gaming stats for January. They found that January revenues on the Las Vegas Strip were up 14.4% year over year, while off-strip locals saw a gain of 13% over the same period. They also have the breakdown for Strip games:


Strip Slots:

Slot Revs +6.1%

Slot Handle -0.1%

Slot Hold +53 bps


Strip Baccarat:

Baccarat Revs +52.5%

Baccarat Drop +44.3%

Baccarat Hold +92 bps (17.1% versus hold of 16.2% in January, 2016 and an LTM average of ~14.6%)


Strip Non-Baccarat Tables:

Non-Baccarat Table Revs +4.4%

Non-Baccarat Table Drop -0.4%

Non-Baccarat Table Hold +67 bps


Strip Total Tables:

Total Table Revs +22.8%

Total Table Drop +14.7%

Total Table Hold +102 bps