I-11 Proponents Say Connectivity Is Crucial to Competitive Edge

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Is a new interstate freeway between Las Vegas and Phoenix a “vanity project” or a necessary next step to the growth of the Las Vegas-Phoenix-Los Angeles region?

The AP has a story with comments from both sides including this key piece:

“As good as the planners were in the midcentury, they could not have foreseen the emergence of Las Vegas,” said Robert Lang, director of Brookings Mountain West, a UNLV-based think tank focused on the region’s economics and public policy.

The Las Vegas metro area, population 2 million, is 40 times larger than it was in 1950. The Phoenix area, population 4.3 million, has grown 13-fold over that span.

“It’s very difficult to remedy something like this once it goes wrong,” said Lang, an expert in urban and economic growth. “Piecing this back together is a heavy lift.”

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