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RCG Economics and Dr. Alan Schlottmann, economist with The University of Nevada-Las Vegas (“UNLV”), recently published a “white paper” that assesses the opportunities for the Nevada System of Higher Education (“NSHE”) to increase its participation as a strategic partner in Nevada’s workforce development, job training and placement efforts in order to help create occupations that… Read more »

How Nevada Should Ensure Future Fiscal Security


This piece on Nevada’s Rainy Day Account (and that we posted as the first installment of RCG’s Public Policy Focus series) raises the following questions:   Did Nevada have the fiscal reserves necessary to fill budget gaps in the first and all subsequent years of the Recession? Does Nevada have enough in reserves to fill the current budget… Read more »

Public Policy Focus: Nevada’s Rainy Day Fund Needs Reform


Publisher’s Note: In advance of the 2015 Nevada legislative session and in the interest of contributing to the state’s perennial tax-and-spend debate, Nevada by the Numbers is introducing a Public Policy Focus column this month. The intent is to spur and engage in an open, fact-based dialog on taxes, revenue, and related matters. Our inaugural… Read more »